Swords & Runes is a casual, 2D, fantasy dungeon, puzzle-adventure with "identical character movement" mechanic. You will play as a Mage and a Knight who band together to save their homeland, the Kingdom of Domestia, from a terrible curse.

This is a single-level prototype. Another prototype with more content and updated graphics and mechanics should be available in March.


Arrows for Movement.

How to play:

  • Both characters must reach the level's exit alive. If either of the characters dies, you lose and will restart the level.
  • Pick up swords and runes to defend yourself against monsters and other obstacles as you approach them (or they approach you).
  • Runes are equipped to the Mage, and Swords to the Knight, but can be picked up by either; so plan your moves carefully.
  • Avoid traps and solve mini puzzles.
  • If the exit door is initially locked, you may have to find a key or beat some other obstacle first.

Thanks for playing! Please leave your feedback in the comments.

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