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Heyo! If you like the idea, consider leaving feedback to support future development. <3 I may or may not put up a Patreon page later. We'll see!


Please note: Everything about this game is a Work in Progress! Including the title.

Current build is merely a PROTOTYPE. It runs pretty much the same way it did in the original presentation at the campus expo in December 2017, after less than a week of development, plus some bug fixes and a full-screen option (available when you press F4 from the 'Pause' screen).

The Concept

While working on my final assignment for my Video Game Programming II course in college, I decided to try making a multiplayer game based around the idea of collisions. At first, I did not know what to do, but my boyfriend loves brawlers, so he suggested that I make something like a brawler, and I went with that.

From there, I took inspiration from brawler games like Smash Bros. and, more closely, De Mambo (great game, available on the Switch!). However, while most brawlers are platform-based, I wanted to try a top-down view with this game. So, the game ends up working like a "versus" version of Pac-Man, where players hunt each other on a labyrinth-like map and collect objects.

Current (and Planned) Game Features

  • Quick, timed battles (no longer than 20 or 30 seconds).
  • Players bump against each other to attack, scoring points with each successful hit. I'm currently working on adding better physics and animations to the game.
  • Randomly spawned, collectible items that give buffs, debuffs, and add points (more items with different effects will be added in future iterations)
  • Player with the more points at the end of the match, wins
  • 2D, pixel-based graphics with a somewhat retro feel (current graphics and sfx are placeholders!)
  • Top-down instead of traditional platform maps
  • Map variety: for now, the maps will be pre-made but randomly selected for each match. Only one map available at the time. :( BUT, what's planned: randomly generated maps, and randomly selected environments (map system is a work in progress)
  • High score tracking
  • Supports up to 2 players, local only (for now)
  • Soon: Character selection (for some personalization, yo!)
  • Keyboard & Gamepad support
  • Will be available for Windows, later on Linux, and hopefully Mac OS X too

Made with the MonoGame framework. This is also my first project with MonoGame.

Published Mar 12, 2018
AuthorJessica M. Vázquez
Tags2D, brawler, Time Attack, Versus
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


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